Transfer huge amount of source files via network (SCP + GZip)

Scenario I’ve got a modified AOSP (Mokee, ~50GB with repo cache) need to be transferred from my Mac to my Thinkpad. But macOS does not support linux file systems while Linux does not support apple file systems too. Solution After a quick Google, I’ve found a way to solve this issue by using WiFi to […]

Compile Android kernel without AOSP buildroot environment

Intro Recently I’ve started a kernel porting project for Xiaomi Mi 6, porting optimisation patches from open source community (e.g. XDA-Developer’s OnePlus 5 forum). Here is a quick note for environment setup and compiling the kernel only without AOSP buildroot. Preparation Install dependencies: sudo apt install kernel-package git-core Download the source: git clone Toolchain setup: you […]

Android kernel compilation on macOS

Intro I’m trying to port some linux kernel optimisation patches from OnePlus 5 to my Xiaomi Mi 6. Here are some quick notes for some issues and errors I’ve encountered. Btw here is the kernel repo: For someone who cares about this kernel, please use with precaution, I’m not sure if it works or not. […]