As we all know that RMIT University doesn’t provide VPN service for their student. Without a VPN service, we have to access the internal network by myDesktop, which is web-based and it’s very laggy.

But don’t forget, we still have our friend there, the CSIT Linux server! We can use SSH dynamic port forwarding as a proxy to access the Uni.

Basically what we do is very simple, by running:

ssh -D 1080 [email protected]

…and you will get a SOCKS5 proxy at localhost:1080. The server can also be:


Then, simply set the system or app’s proxy setting to with port 1080. Now you can get into the Uni when you are still laying in the bed.

Here I’d also suggest that the Uni should spend a bit money and provide a VPN service for students. Yea I know there’s a thing called myDesktop but trust me, it is one of the worst remote desktop service I’ve ever used, especially when I’m in a foreign country (e.g. China, with the extra care from our commie firewall), using mobile data or a certain public WiFi hot spot. It is slow for the server-side disk I/O and web-based rendering, and some of the software are outdated. So, please, give us a VPN service. It really saves our lives.