About Me

About Me

I’m a Chinese student currently studying at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. Born into a Northeast Chinese and Cantonese migrant family in Shenzhen, China, I was influenced by the innovative environment since I was a young kid. My grandparents are retired Electronic Engineers, so I have been brought to the electronic parts markets in Huaqiang North every month at that time. As a result, I have learned a lot from them.

Later in about Year 8, I’ve learned Visual Basic 6.0, EPL and C# from my friends. From then on, I decided to be a Software Engineer in the future. After I left the high school and started my new life in Australia, I have improved my English and IT related skills from the University courses and my personal projects.


What I am

  • A guy who can code, cook and use a soldering iron properly
  • Speaks Chinese, English and a bit of Cantonese

What I’m not

  • I’m not a crazy rich Asian. I’m not a rich international student who comes to Aussie just for grabbing a bachelor certificate only, not really for studying or researching;
    • Current Bachelor degree average grade: ~70%
    • Current Bachelor degree GPA: ~2.8
  • Nerdy (at least not quite nerdy);


Shenzhen High School of ScienceHigh SchoolSeptember 2013 - May 2015Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
RMIT UniversityFoundation StudiesJuly 2015 - May 2016Melbourne, Australia
RMIT UniversityBachelor of Software EngineeringJune 2016 - CurrentMelbourne, Australia


December 2017 – February 2018

Full-time Junior software developer intern at D-Team Technology, Shenzhen


  • Product prototype design with FlashROM and Python Flask framework
  • OpenWrt Linux developments
  • Miscellaneous IT system maintenance tasks


  • Practised with C/C++ programming with industrial-level C/C++ projects
  • Learned the basic skills for Python 3 and Flask framework
  • Better understanding on embedded hardware and Linux kernel debugging

November 2016 – December 2016

Part-time IT Consultant at Shenzhen SEG Personnel Training Centre


  • Assist with new website design and content translation (English – Chinese)
  • Miscellaneous IT consulting/maintenance
  • Documentation translation for international student applicants


  • In charge of the team’s content for static web pages;
  • Translated 30 copies of documents.

Technical Skills

SkillsRelated keywordsComment
JavaSwing, JavaFX, Android, Spring, JSoup, Junit, okhttp, Jackson…Used in various personal projects and most of the Uni assignments in the recent 3 years
C/C++POSIX APIs, cURL, Unix socket, FreeRTOS, Arduino, mbedTLSUsed in some personal projects and a few Uni assignments in the recent 3 years
C# WPF, UWP, Newtonsoft.JSONUsed mostly in high school and Foundation Studies
PythonFlask, BeautifulSoupUsed in prototypes, calculations and casual projects
Web front-end (JavasScript/HTML5)Bootstrap, jQuery, ElectronUsed in school assignments and some desktop application prototypes
PHPBasic level for finishing school assignment purposes
Linux environment maintenance Debian/Ubuntu installation and daily uses, MySQL/MariaDB, Nginx, PHP environment, Shadowsocks Used for firewall bypassing attempts and website setup (including this blog, hosted on Vultr Sydney)
OpenWrtMTK platform related device ports, OpenWrt package maintenance Learned from the previous internship session and casual personal research.
Linux kernel modsLinux userspace driver, Android kernel modsLearned from the previous internship session and casual personal research.

Other curricular activities

IELTS Brand score 7.0 certificate

May 2015

  • Achieved with 8.0 listening and 7.5 reading test score.
  • This certification was graded in the Year 11 in May 2015, for applying my RMIT Foundation Studies and Bachelor degree. This exam was taken in 3+ years ago and my current English level should be improved after living 3 years in Australia.
  • RMIT English requirement is 5.5 for Foundation Studies or 6.0 for Bachelor degree.

Level 8 Piano Certificate

Standard Grade Examination Committee of The Central Conservatory of Music, March 2010

  • Received “High” level of piano training certificate in China, achieved “Well Level” in the certification exam.

Human language

  • Native Mandarin Chinese
  • Practised Australian English
  • A little bit Cantonese Chinese with a skilled level of listening and a basic level of speaking

Other personal skills

  • Computer hardware and embedded device hardware fixes/mods/DIYs
  • Cooking skills for Asian cuisine
  • Photography and photo editing