I’m a Chinese student currently studying at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. Born into a Northeast Chinese and Cantonese migrant family in Shenzhen, China, I was influenced by the innovative environment since I was a young kid. My grandparents are retired Electronic Engineers, so I have been brought to the electronic parts markets in Huaqiang North every month at that time. As a result, I have learned a lot from them.

Later in about Year 8, I’ve learned Visual Basic 6.0, EPL and C# from my friends. From then on, I decided to be a Software Engineer in the future. After I left the high school and started my new life in Australia, I have improved my English and IT related skills from the University courses and my personal projects.


LinkedIn: Ming Hu
GitHub: @huming2207


  • What I am
    • A guy who can code for various platforms
      • From microcontrollers (no Arduino, screw that...)
      • To server-side apps
    • A guy who can cook properly
    • A guy who a soldering iron properly instead burning himself;
    • Speaks Chinese, English and a bit of Cantonese;
    • Translate Chinese to/from English;
    • Knows something related to electronic component supply chain;
  • What I'm not
    • I’m not a rich kid.
      • I’m not a rich international student who comes to Aussie just for grabbing a bachelor certificate only, not really for studying or researching
  • Academic result
    • Current Bachelor degree average grade: ~72%
    • Current Bachelor degree GPA: ~2.9


November 2018 - Current

Full-time Software Engineer / Technical Developer (approved internship) at SmartGuide Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia.

December 2017 - February 2018

Full-time Junior software developer intern at D-Team Technology, Shenzhen, China

  • Product prototype design with FlashROM and Python Flask framework
  • OpenWrt Linux developments
  • Miscellaneous IT system maintenance tasks
  • Practised with C/C++ programming with industrial-level C/C++ projects
  • Learned the basic skills for Python 3 and Flask framework
  • Better understanding on embedded hardware and Linux kernel debugging

November 2016 - December 2016

Part-time IT Consultant at Shenzhen SEG Personnel Training Centre, China

  • Assist with new website design and content translation (English – Chinese)
  • Miscellaneous IT consulting/maintenance
    Documentation translation for international student applicants
  • In charge of the team’s content for static web pages;
  • Translated 30 copies of documents.
  • Technical Skills

Other curricular activities

IELTS Brand score 7.0 certificate

May 2015
  • Achieved with 8.0 listening and 7.5 reading test score.
  • This certification was graded in the Year 11 in May 2015, for applying my RMIT Foundation Studies and Bachelor degree. This exam was taken in 3+ years ago and my current English level should be improved after living 3 years in Australia.

Level 8 Piano Certificate

Standard Grade Examination Committee of The Central Conservatory of Music, March 2010
  • Received “High” level of piano training certificate in China;
  • achieved “Well Level” in the certification exam.

Human Language

  • Native Mandarin Chinese
  • Practised Australian English
  • A little bit Cantonese Chinese with a skilled level of listening and a basic level of speaking

Other personal skills

  • Computer hardware and embedded device hardware fixes/mods/DIYs
  • Cooking skills for Asian cuisine
  • Photography and photo editing